Our staff are the most crucial part of our operation, It is there ability to see the salvageable among the items collected, It is vital staff are trained to the highest standard possible in firstly the importance of completing the collection in a professional manner and then being able to identify what items are reusable or recyclable. To this end our staff training in all aspects of safe manual handling, the ability to identify hazardous situations to protect themselves their work colleagues and anyone else involved with any aspect of the collection and final destination of the goods collected is paramount.

We work closely with various agency's and provide work placements for those requiring training to help them gain employment

We have staff who can deliver and assess those completing NVQ levels 1,2 and 3 warehousing and distribution.

We also work with the probation service offering placements to those completing unpaid work orders.

Health and safety is paramount and we constantly update our training  reviewing all aspects of our training policy regularly.